Senior Developer (m/w/d)

MOBIKO6 days ago
Munich, DE

Team MOBIKO needs support. That's why we are looking for a Senior Developer (m/f/d)

Enormous trends like digitization, individualization and urbanization have a huge impact on the world of mobility. We play a key-role in this transformation process by aligning ecological and economical responsibility with the mobility needs of each person. We provide employers the possibility to take over this responsibility and react to the individual needs of their employees: with MOBIKO, the digital mobility budget, employees are able to use and invoice all means of transport, any time, anywhere.

MOBIKO is the result of an innovation partnership between one of the biggest German car manufacturer and an established company builder based in Munich. With our MOBIKO-DNA, shaped by extensive know-how in the automotive- and mobility-sector, as well as in innovation- and execution-dynamics to establish disruptive business models, we aim to define tomorrow's employee mobility - and therefore we need you!

In the same way as Yoda’s role in the Star Wars universe - wise and powerful by training Jedi for over 800 years – we are looking for an experienced Senior Developer to be responsible for projects and supporting various development duties. The responsibilities of Senior Developers include writing code, analyzing data, and contributing to the design and implementation of software.

What this role is all about:

😎 Curiosity: Not talking about the unlocking the path to immortality like Yoda did, but get a deep understanding of the existing codebase that brought MOBIKO to where it is today. And don’t fear new technology! Get familiar with what you think is the best for MOBIKO. Sometimes that might be out of our comfort-zone, though.

🀝 Culture: Be a Mentor as Yoda for his Padawan: we believe it is very important to have a strong dev-culture. So you build up an engineering-culture you and your dev-team have always dreamed of. Nobody else knows how a group of motivated developers work better and who a good fit to the dev-team would be but the dev-team itself, right? 

πŸš€ Challenge: Keeping up-to-date with industry trends and technology developments. Tackle the most interesting problems in terms of mobility-as-a-service. We figured out that technology is a good choice here. But for doing so, you need to know both the business- and tech-side of the product and challenge each regularly.

🀩 Competence: Which skills do you need next to fighting with a lightsaber? Knowledge and experience with typescript is a great plus since we do it everywhere (yes, on the backend, too. Ever heard of nestjs?). Are you a React-fan? If not it’s ok, but then we are eager to hear why. And by the way: we are running stuff in Kubernetes on AWS. Maybe you can tell us a thing or two where we can do better?

Some things don't need to be mentioned, but we do it anyway:

πŸ’» OS you want

πŸ“± Smartphone you want

πŸ“ IDE you want

βš™οΈ Tools you want

🏑 Homeoffice how often you want

πŸ•·πŸ™β€β™‚οΈ "With great power..." and so on. You will get everything you need that makes sense in your eyes in order to lift MOBIKO to the next level

πŸ’Έ Your own MOBIKO mobility budget


Munich, DE

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