DevOps Application Developer/Programmer

Atlanta, US

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Job type: Full-time
Role: DevOps


scrum, python, java

Job description

DevOps Application Developer/ProgrammerAs a DevOps Application Developer/Programmer you will build internal tools, advise on best practices, and deliver solutions that ensure uptime of our business communications platform. Any project which can enhance stability, performance, and visibility of production environments will be central to the role, as well automation around those tasks. All this will be done working on a DevOps scrum team with a mixture of experienced engineers and developers. Commonly you’ll also work with teams across the organization to help understand their challenges on delivering a large-scale, distributed, and fault-tolerant systems.Technologies We Often Use Multiple programming languages such as Elixir, Python, JavaScript, Java, and Ruby. OpenSource products such as Kubernetes, Terraform, Puppet, Ansible, and Jenkins. Numerous datastores such as MongoDB, Postgres, MySQL, Memcached. Amazon Web Services of all varieties like EC2/Lamba/ECS/EKS/RDS. Several monitoring solutions such as InfluxDB, Icinga, and forecasting models. Experience We’d Like To See You have at least 5 years of software development experience. Strong Linux skills around administration and troubleshooting. Enjoyment in picking up new skills and technologies on a frequent basis. Ability to troubleshoot all layers of the stack. An engaging personality that enjoys working with all types of people. Qualities About You That Might Make The Decision Easier Experience in Agile software development methodology: Scrum, Kanban, etc. A great recommendation from your previous employer. History of troubleshooting production systems in high pressure situations Some interesting side projects you do for fun


Atlanta, US

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