Senior/Mid-level C# Web Application Developer

WorkMax by AboutTime Technologies125 days ago80,000 - 120,000 USD
Payson, US
WorkMax by AboutTime Technologies

About this job

Compensation: $80k - 120k
Job type: Full-time
Experience level: Mid-Level, Senior
Role: Full Stack Developer
Industry: B2B, eCommerce, HR Services
Company size: 11–50 people
Company type: Private


c#, entity-framework, autofac, json, postgresql

Job description

In this position you will be working on the core WorkMax Platform team with other senior level developers and the project lead. You will be heavily involved in design and architecture discussions and decision making on the existing platform functionality as well as new modules being added into the platform as well as coding of the core code, both existing and new. You will be responsible for code reviews of your peers and being able to generate builds for QA. This position deals mainly with the back-end hosted web application written in C#. Knowledge and experience in eCommerce and robust, scalable, and secure web application architecture and coding practices are a huge plus as well. Knowledge of RESTful API and JSON data is also a plus. Although not required for this position, front-end application development knowledge for web technology stacks using HTML, CSS, Javascript, TypeScript, AngularJS, ReactJS would be a plus. 

A typical day in this position is to start off with some coffee and/or your favorite drink and breakfast; catch up on email and Slack and review your tasks in Jira on the current Sprint,  then join the team for a quick 15 minute stand-up huddle and review what was done the previous day; what roadblocks you may be stuck on and to get help if needed; and what the goals are for the current day. Then commence work on assigned tasks in the current Sprint. Unit tests should be written as well before critical work or after on critical functionality. Code reviews should be done and kept up daily as well. Lunch and a coffee/drink break during the day is always good to refresh your mind unless you're in the zone of course!

An example work task for this position might be something like adding a new entity, business logic, and API support for a front-end application to connect to and use. To start off, you would create a local task branch from the master branch of code from GutHub for your work in the current Sprint and into your local Visual Studio environment. Maybe you then create a new entity or add properties to an existing entity that get processed through Entity Framework and into the PostgreSQL database schema using Entity Framework . You would get familiar with scripting we have in place to automate most of this process. You would then write business logic in C# to perform CRUD operations on that new or modified entity. You would then write code to expose that functionality to the API and eventually an HTTPS endpoint the client code can communicate with. You will use the unit test framework in place to write and perform any unit tests on your work. You can then invoke a build and test the application with your changes on a local WorkMax environment all devs have. Once happy with your work, you would issue a pull request for review by a peer via Git/GitHub and push your work to the main repository for next steps. 

Your skill set will be enhanced on the WorkMax platform as we develop new modules and as we use newer technology that makes sense as we move forward. We will always stay up on the latest and best technology out there!


Payson, US

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