Java Full Stack Developer with NodeJS

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Job type: Full-time
Role: Full Stack Developer


node.js, java, continuous-integration

Job description

Role: Java Full Stack Developer with NodeJS

Location: Phoenix, AZ (Onsite)

Job Description:

looking for a senior developer for the affinity platform with the profile below 

Required Skills:

    • Good understanding of http and https protocols.
    • Understanding and experience using the best practices of
      • Node.js
      • Java.
      • Unit testing
      • Writing readable, modular, maintainable code.
      • CI/CD
    • Working knowledge of DBs (SQL and NoSQL).
    • Other
      • A strong desire for continuous improvement as a programmer.
      • Knows how to learn efficiently and use it effectively.
      • Problem solver.
      • As important as it is to have the ability make stuff work, have a desire to know why and do things better the next time.
      • No compromise on testing.
      • Aware of the increasing cost, complexity and impact for bugs caught from unit –> integration -> end-to-end testing.
      • etc.

Computer science degree (where it helps the above)

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