Java Lead / Architect

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About this job

Job type: Full-time
Role: Backend Developer


java, amazon-web-services, java-ee

Job description

    • The core technical skills required is experience in Microservices, SpringBoot, NodeJS,(AWS Lambda etc)
    • Develop, maintain, and debug cloud based micro-service APIs
    • Adhere to rules established to enforce test-driven/behavior-drive development, maintaining wiki pages, code style, and code group/peer review.
    • ┬áDeveloping and designing web services through APIas using REST, HTTP, JSON/JSONP, etc and fluency in Java 7, basic understanding of Java 8.
    • Working knowledge of SQL-based or NoSQL databases using JDBC, JPA or similar frameworks
    • Good working knowledge of the Cloud (AWS, GCP), Observability & Traceability.
    • referred experience with Java development tooling: Maven and/or Gradle.

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