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Job type: Full-time


java, kubernetes, cassandra, hadoop

Job description

Good developers write good code. Great engineers solve great problems. We need both but right now we are looking for an ambitious Engineer combining skills and experiences in software development with IT operation skills to join our platform team.

You are the right candidate if you combine opertional skills with the competence of software engineering to help us architect our hybrid cloud platform.

Want choices? We are working in AWS for our customer-facing applications and manage our own globally distributed data centres for our real-time ML platform. Want even more choices? Our realtime bidder is in Java, our ML in Python using Hadoop, Hive and Druid, and our applications are in Javascript on AWS Lambda. We are moving towards container on K8s to support our infrastructure-as-code across all aspects of our platform. If this sounds as exciting to you as it does for us, we would love to hear from you. We offer you the opportunity to get hands-on with real Big Data (all 1,5 Petabyte and counting), Machine Learning and programmatic real-time auction bidding (if this sounds Fintech, yes - our roots are in high frequency trading systems).

Our culture is one of constant learning and challenging. Find yourself frustrated in your current role because you have ideas but you can not implement it - join us and prove your ideas in praxis.

We value attitude over skill - we believe that skills can be learned but personal attitude is intrinsic. That's why we do not focus on tools and languages and that's why we believe that with the right attitutde you will be mastering them.


  • Automate tasks through appropriate tools and scripting
  • Develop high-quality software design and architecture the high-available platform
  • Constantly bring new ideas and inspiration
  • Document development phases and monitor systems


  • no powerpoint and buzzword bingo
  • as little process as necessary, as much freedom as possible (inspired by Netflix Freedom and Responsibility)
  • committed yet very flexible startup work culture (i.e. if you have a family or hobbies, we can make it work for both sides)
  • learn and master the Engineering skills for your professional future through the in-house and conference exchanges

Skills & requirements

  • Good knowledge of systems operations
  • Proficiency in software engineering and scripting
  • Experience using system monitoring tools and automated testing frameworks
  • Ability to work independently and self-directed within a team of equals
  • Analytical mind with problem-solving aptitude
  • EU-work permit

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