Front-end developer

Exellys55 days ago
Brussels, BE
Your skills You are a real team player with a passion for front-end development and UX who is at the same time extremely customer focused. Your best soft skill needs to be communicating clearly and listening attentively. You tackle deadlines like a rugby player, aim for gold in the quality of your work and although you are a human, and not a robot, you can guarantee that you rarely make mistakes. You are driven by knowledge and improve yourself by staying on top of new technologies. Routine is boring to you, so a diversified job where you can use your technical, creative and analytical skills and work from anywhere in the small country of Belgium, sounds like a dream to you. We are looking for someone who worked hard for the following skills: Bachelor or Master degree in IT, ICT, or Multimedia. Just graduated or less than 3 years of work experience Good knowledge of JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3 and OO programming Knowledge of mobile development and frameworks such as Angular JS, Meteor, Bootstrap, Ionic and Famous are a plus Practical experience with JavaScript (school or other projects) and you preferably worked with JavaScript during You are bilingual (Dutch/English) and knowledge of French is an advantage Our offer We are not a recruitment agency and we are not a consultancy agency either. We’re a different breed. We are tech talent integrators and this is how we roll… You become part of the Exellys community (we pay you, while your career takes off) but you are working on a challenging project for our client. You get a personal career coach, access to technical trainings and are encouraged to obtain certificates to match your needs and ambitions. After two years, you’ll get the opportunity to work for the client as a permanent employee (they pay you, while your career is accelerated). Sparked your interest? Want to know more about the job? About Exellys? About our remuneration package? You know what to do… Hit the apply button and become excellent!


Brussels, BE

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